Lawn Care Specialist Manager

Rapidly Growing Lawn Care and Tree Care Company in North Hampton, New Hampshire

Immediate opening for a qualified Lawn Care Specialist Manager ready to join a Growing team in the Lawn Care and Tree care industry. Define your leadership and management skills with a company that will grow with you. 

Summary: Must be an Strong Leader and Self-Starter who demonstrates initiative. 

Lawn Care Specialist Manager’s Responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Load and unload lawn equipment, backpacks, 50 lbs. Fertilizer, etc.;
  2. Use fertilization equipment, back-pack sprayers, hand sprayers and related equipment;
  3. Carry, lay out and stow other materials, tools and equipment at work site;
  4. Drive or operate trucks and other equipment as assigned;
  5. Service trucks and equipment.  Keep trucks and other assigned equipment in a neat and orderly fashion.  Report the need for repairs to truck and equipment to crew leader or mechanic;
  6. Safeguard employees and public from hazards in and around the work area;
  7. Help enforce on-the-job safety practices;
  8. Update/maintain lawn calendar and recipe book as needed;
  9. Create/maintain quarterly training materials for company safety meetings;
  10. Create/update on the job training checklist for new lawn Techs;
  11. Track and order all chemical and equipment inventory for Lawn department. Prepares end of year usage reports with office manager and PHC Techs for ME, NH and MA;
  12. Schedule daily routes for lawn applications;
  13. Work with Operations Manager on the budget for the next season;
  14. Sell lawn work during all seasons, primarily in the off season;
  15. Incorporate a turf insect, disease or topic of concern in the monthly training day.

Chemical/Application Knowledge:

  1. Read and understand purpose for chemical applications;
  2. Read labels and understand approved method for handling, storage, loading and mixing chemicals;
  3. Be aware of and utilize compatible chemical mixtures;
  4. Keep up-to-date on latest revisions with EPA or Dept. of Agriculture in local jurisdiction;
  5. Know the current company policy;
  6. Know and be proficient in techniques to apply the following types of chemicals:
  7. Pre-emergent for turf and planting beds/rock areas;
  8. Insect control;
  9. disease control;
  10. Assure that tank labeling is accurate and labeling is changed as chemical mixes are changed;
  11. Surveys area to be sprayed prior to spraying
  12. Chemical rate requested is within standards for work to be performed;
  13. Awareness of obstacles, water hazards, job conditions, people in the same area or any other adverse conditions that should be investigated before any chemicals are dispensed;
  14. Determines boundaries and scope of area to be sprayed and mixes only enough chemicals to complete the assigned job;
  15. Temperature and weather is appropriate to apply. (i.e. not over 80 degrees, not raining to hard)

Client Relations:

  1. Be aware of and follow company guidelines on service management;
  2. When approached by a client or tenant on a project, act in a cooperative and professional way to help answer any questions that pertain to the application at that specific location;
  3. Refer client inquiry to job supervisor if unable to assist;
  4. Return client phone calls or emails in a timely manner.

Quality Control:

  1. Insure cleanliness of vehicles before leaving yard to avoid any unintentional contamination at field site;
  2. Follow up, to insure that, the chemical application has met the intended purpose.  If application does not meet standard, investigates to identify cause;
  3. Calibrate the lawn machines weekly, or on daily basis if changing product frequently;

Documentation of Work:

  1. Demonstrates proficiency with Arborgold, T-Sheets and Flow;
  2. Run monthly reports with the PHC manager to make sure reports are accurate.

Equipment Maintenance:

  1. Start equipment before leaving the yard to test for problems;
  2. Change oil in application equipment every 50 hours;
  3. Check oil level on all equipment daily;
  4. Wash truck bi-weekly in the yard;
  5. Maintain clean and neat chemical storage area;
  6. Follow company policy on truck maintenance, daily checks and month truck inspection reports;
  7. Advise supervisor immediately of any mechanical deficiencies;
  8. Understand cleaning and decontamination of spray equipment and safety gear.


  1. Continuously check all areas of vehicle for possible leaks or safety violations;
  2. Report any incident to immediate supervisor as soon as safely possible;
  3. Keep supervisor informed daily of any schedule changes that would alter operator’s location by more than one hour;
  4. Maintain and prominently displays map of nearest medical facility;
  5. Know actions to follow to contain a chemical leak or chemical spill;
  6. Maintains and updates MSDS sheets as required by law;
  7. Do not leave vehicle unattended unless all is secured;
  8. Do not operate in certain adverse weather conditions;
  9. Do not load, mix or apply chemicals if public is within 50 ft. of work area;
  10. Conducts safety training in company meetings


  1. Come to work ready to work at 6:30 fully uniformed;

2    Be familiar with all the common species of grass in the Seacoast NH area;

  1. Be familiar with all the relevant disease and insects that threaten the health of NH seacoast’s Turf

4  Be familiar with products and technology that is available to treat relevant turf diseases and insects

  1.   Keep the interests of the company in mind when talking with workmanship of other companies and landscape companies;
  2. Stay on the cutting edge of new developments of turf care techniques and strategies;
  3. Assist the tree crew with general tree work or PHC on an as needed basis/ during off season;
  4. Be familiar with the various types of pruning performed at STC, as well as basic PHC operations.

Training Expectations:

  1. Stay up to date on all pesticide licenses;
  2. Obtain right of way license;
  3. Become a CLCP; (Certified Lawn Care Professional)
  4. Obtain tick and Mosquito license;
  5. Work towards Master/ Supervisor license in all applicable categories;
  6. Attend N.E. Grows Classes for CEU’s;
  7. John Deere Academy;
  8. Other Classes pertaining to turf that offer CEU’s;

Once all licenses are up to date and completed, work on basic general tree care certifications and PHC certifications as well as obtaining a CDL B driver’s license.

      *Complete job description and company information will be provided upon contact with LCS


  •         Salary: $ 42K to 50K  Varies, Depending on Experience, Plus Bonus,
  •          Comprehensive Benefits Package, Including 401
  •          Health, Dental and Vision
  •          Paid Vacation
  •          Paid Holidays

Only Lawncare / Tree care Professionals need apply.

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