We will post all of our open positions on our website for you to review. Whether you see a position that interests you or not, be sure to fill in our Contact Us form on the right. We will contact you and conduct a search for your specific needs. We will do this with complete confidentiality, submitting your resume directly to the hiring managers only after consulting with you.

Although there are exceptions at both ends of this range, the compensation for most of the job opportunities we offer fall within a salary base range of $40,000.00 to $200,000.00.
Our process is simple: We will contact you by phone and conduct a phone interview.

We will discuss possible existing matches or discuss a strategic search for new job opportunities.

You indicate the position(s) you wish to be presented to by us.

A summary of the interview and your resume will be emailed to the hiring manager

We follow-up with the hiring manager within 5 business days, allowing the hiring manager enough time to review your information. Often we are contacted much sooner.

The hiring manager will indicate which candidates he/she wishes to interview.

We follow-up with you and confirm interview times or relay that the manager does not see a match-in which case we move on to the next possible match.

When you go through an interview process with one or more of our open positions, we will stay with you through the entire hiring process, keeping you informed and providing information as required to you and the hiring manager.

Reference checks will be required-be prepared with 3 strong professional references.

We will assist with negotiation of an offer and acceptance or –

If an agreement cannot be reached, we move on to the next opportunity


Landscapecareersearch will continue working with you, presenting new opportunities as long as you wish us to partner with you on your job search. Once we have you on file it is very possible that you will hear from us when you least expect it, with a great interview opportunity. You may or may not be in a position to act on it, but we will keep you informed.

It is important to note that once Landscapecareersearch represents you to one of our client companies that you, as the candidate, communicate with the client company through landscapecareersearch. This will prevent any miscommunication from occurring and keep all parties on the same page during the hiring process.