Our client companies range in size from multi-billion to 100 million to 50 million to 10 million. We work directly with the hiring managers and/or owners so we are able to cut through a lot of the usual delays and red tape to get the candidate in front of the decision-makers, saving everyone some time in the hiring process. We receive new positions from our client companies to fill on a daily and weekly basis.

We make it our business to learn as much as we can about our client companies, especially each position, as it becomes one of our searches. So often our clients are so busy with daily operations that they do entrust us with critical information that will enable us to find strong matches for each position.

We strive to match the tangible quailifications required as well as match the intangible elements of candidates and companies. We take into consideration the culture of the company, type of leadership at the top — profiles of employees already successful within a client company become models for future matches.

Our client companies do not have access to our candidate database in order to protect the confidentiality of those on file. When a company gives us a position to fill, we manage all aspects of the search-so our clients are free to focus on their core competencies.

Our process with our client companies, once your resume is submitted:
Please see About LandscapeCareerSearch’s Client Candidates for the step by step hiring process.